The main commands for setting up a simple DPlotXYServer script file.

Name the plot.

Graph_Title : Write text which describes the plotted graph.

Locate where the files which you want to plot are stored.

Path_to_data :

Comment: any valid DOS path string which must be ended by < \ >. -

Find out how many columns file has and which one will be used as X-axis.

Number_of_columns_ X_column_number : 9,2

Comment: Data file has 9 columns from which column 2 is used as X axis.

Y_column_numbers: followed by the list of columns which are interested for current analysis and will be plotted. The DPlot curve numbers match with the order of listed columns from the left to the right. This option enables rearrangement of data compared to the location in the data file.

Y_column_numbers: 3,1,6,4,5 From the nine column data set only five of them will be used for the plot construction. Dplot curve 1 will show data from the third column, curve 2 data from the first column, curve 3 data from the sixth column etc.

By default all columns are assigned to the left Y-axis. If one or more curves are assigned to the right y-axis then following two commands must follow Y_column_numbers: command:

YLeftC: and YRightC:.

YLeftC:3,6,4 Columns 3,6 and 4 relate to the left Y axis

YRightC:1,5 Columns 1 and 5 relate to the right Y axis.

Comment: the total number of columns assigned by both commands must be equal to the number of columns in Y_column_numbers: command.

To describe the meaning of shown curves/symbols the legend could be defined by the following command:

Y1_legend: String , LineStyle,SymbolCode,Color

It is not necessary that all curves have legend; however, legend for Yi correspond to i-th curve (text and style which follows Y3_legend: command relates to the third curve).

The axis scale range can be determined manually M or left DPlot to determine extend automatically A.

YLeftScale: letter "M" or "A", Low limit, High limit

YRightScale: same as above


YNRightScale: same as above

Comment: Command YNRightScale is equal to YRightScale. It is introduced just for easier validation of plot once the new data file is loaded.

Shape: Number

Comment: Instruct DPlotXYServer to dimension a plot size according to the pre-determined sizes. This command is optional.

Data_Group : Number

Comment: When we intend to plot many data files from which particular group express common properties we can use this command which unable systematic coloring of data according to the instruction of Group_color: command.

Group_color: Command

When Command= Equal colored columns Data from the same columns from different files will be plotted with the same color.

When Command= Equal colored data FILEs All columns from the same data file will be plotted by the same color.

Color_Cycle : Number

Instruct DPlot when color scheme is repeated. Command Color_Cycle : 8 instruct DPlot to use only eight colors, the color of the ninth curve will be the same as that of the first curve.

CallPlot: This command transfer all previously specified parameters to DPlot.

DATA_F : Any legal file name

DATA_F : command instructs DPlotXYServer from which file data should be processed as described by previously determined parameters. If data files are located in different folders then DATA_F command must be preceded by the Path_to_data: command

NOTE: The application of some other commands of DPlotXYServer could be found in the Worked Examples section. Commands which manipulate a data from the particular data file should be called immediately after the data file which values are recalculated. If structure of reading files is changed then commands related to the assignment of data columns must be redefined.