List of plot manipulation commands


Example of usage


Keep caption visible on the saved .png file.

By default plot caption is turned off in the .png output file.

Preferences: <Preference file name>

Speed-up / clone generation of plot files using already adjusted/predefined plot outlook.

Preferences: Ea_iso.set

Load file with plot characteristic equal to those from

which the Ea_iso.set preference file was generated.

Normally it is one of the last lines in the script file

which DPlotXYServer reads.


Keep Title visible on the saved .png file.

By default Title line is omitted from the .png output file.


Change saving format of created graph from the default .png to .jpg file format.


Axes numbers are made “invisible” by minimizing their size and setting their color to white.


Axes ticks are made “invisible” by minimizing their size.


The program waits for user input. Useful for debugging purposes to see the output on DPlot window when loading new data.


Causes that command Wait_to_watch is overrided


Skips possibility to manually adjust the created plot before saving to the disk.

Useful when many graphs with a predefined look should be generated from a batch file or through the DPlotXYServer call from another programming language.


To prevent adding time mark to the names of created files.

REPLACE: Text1 WITH: Text2

Text1 is a string of characters, numbers and sign used to specify path“\” to desired files.

Text2 is a string of character which will replace text declared by Text1 string.

The command REPLACE WITH (RW) could be used more than one time, but the text which is specified under the third, forth, fifth,… appearance of command RW substitute previously specified text under the second appearance of RW command, while the text, which was specified at the first appearance of RW command remains unchanged through the script file..

REPLACE: c:\Data1\ WITH: d:\Experiment\Data1\

The text “c:\Data1\will be replaced with

d:\Experiment\Data1\. This usage is intended

to enable running the same script file on

different computers/hard drives and/or folders.

The second appearance of command

REPLACE: \Simulation2 WITH: \Simulation22

is intended to change folder name or replace part

of file name:

REPLACE: 23_4 WITH: 8_5

This command was introduce to speed up generation of similar graphs with minimal changes in script file.

Note: Values of parameters in most cases follows the associated descriptions find in DPlot manual. In most cases DplotXYServer passes, due to the simplicity, just the main parameters, therefore, please do not write more parameters then assigned to the particular DplotXYServer recognized command otherwise an unpredictable behavior could arises. Since the commands Operate on X (Y) are not supported by the DPlotJr, the user could use less sophisticated walk around commands REcalc-X and REcalc-Yi to recalculate values from the particular data columns. When data points are labeled by symbols and one want to reduce the number of points which will be shown, the data reduction could be carried out by adding colon and number after the file name in command DATA_F:<file name> :8. In shown call only each eight point will be plotted. This option is added since Symbol frequency is not saved in the preference file. During script translation all DPlotXYServer commands are converted in upper case notation to tolerate non-strict typing.