List of basic DplotXYServer commands


Example of usage

Graph_Title : <Title>

Graph_Title :MAL_raw_results

Path_to_data : <Regular path>

Path_to_data :J:\TMP\Polietilen\TGA_RawData\

X_axis title/units : Text, units

X_axis_title/units :Time, min

YLeft_axis title/units : Text, units

YLeft_axis_title/units : Weight, mg

YRight_axis title/units : Text, units

YRight_axis_title/units : dW/dt, mg/min

Number_of_columns_X_column_number: Columns count, column used for X axis.

Number_of_columns_X_column_number :5, 3

Data file contains 5 columns of numbers, the third

column is used as X-axis.

Y_column_numbers : numbers for columns which should be plotted separated by a comma.

Y_column_numbers :4,2,5,1

Y columns could be in any order, but curves number

increase from left to right; ie. 4 is curve 1, 2 is curve 2,

5 is curve 3 etc.

YLeftC: numbers for columns which are associated with the left Y axes separated by a comma.


YRightC: numbers for columns which are associated with the right Y axes separated by a comma.


YLeftScale:M, LowLimit, HighLimit

YLeftScale:A, LowLimit, HighLimit



YLeftScale:A,0,0 - letter A means automatic selection

of axes limits while M stands for manual selection.

YRightScale: <sama as above>

XScale: <sama as above>

All Scale selections should be either A or M. In the case of M Scale DPlot will automatically adjust YRightScale to enable creation of grid lines which coincide with the YLeftScale thick markers.

Line_width_default: basic graph lines, width of lines.

Set line widths as follows:

-3, 20: width of intermediate grids 20/1000 inch,

-2, 35: set width for all curves to 35/1000 inch,

-1, 35 width of coordinate system 35/1000 inch,

0, 30 width of grid lines and thick marks 30/1000 inch.


Without any parameters, instructs DPlot to open plot area.

Y1_legend: Text, number1, number2, number3

Text for legend of graph’s first curve

number1: Line Type

1 – solid 2 – dash 3 – dot

4 - dash-dot 5 – short dash

0 - no lines.

number2: Symbol Code(numbers within brackets stands for filled symbols)

5 (261)– square, 6 (262)– diamond,

7 (263) up triangle, 8 (264)– octagone, 9 (265) down triangle, 32 (288)– circle,

0 – no symbol.

number3: Color

Y1_legend: 5 K/min,0,0,3

Y2_legend:10 K/min,0,0,3


DATA_F : <name of data file> ====>

DATA_F : <name of data file> : number

Normal use:


Data reduction:

DATA_F :MAL_PE_05EE.dat :12

Only each 12th point will be transferred to DPlot.